An Interview with Oprah

I wrote, filmed, directed and edited this video using stock footage of an Oprah Winfrey interview. This is the 2nd video segment of a 3-segment narrative story about this Bar Mitzvah boy's rise from homelessness to fame and fortune.

Echt Brothers

A week after Henry’s Bar Mitzvah, his two older brothers pledge him into manhood. I wrote, filmed, directed and edited this video.

The Bar Mitzvah Hangover

I wrote, filmed, directed and edited this video for a Bar Mitzvah party. The video is PG-rated, light-hearted take on “The Hangover” with elements of “Old School” and “This Is The End,” some of the Bar Mitzvah boy’s favorite movies. In the middle of the video, a standard photo montage is organically incorporated. The photo montage has been edited out of this video.

ESPN E:60 Future Broadcast

Filmed in 2012, this is a “future” broadcast from 2014 where the Cubs win the world series thanks to the talents of their 13-year-old rookie player. This video was created for a Bar Mitzvah montage. I wrote, filmed, directed and edited this piece. The special effects were created by a motion graphics artist.

Survivor Parody Video

This video contains 3 separate segments used as an intro, middle and ending to this boy’s photo montage. I wrote, directed and edited this piece to best mimic the reality TV style of “Survivor.” The special effects in the final segment were created by a separate graphic artist.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

This video was created as a creative way to introduce this girl to her Bat Mitzvah party. I wrote the script and edited the majority of the film segments. A separate graphic artist created the visual effects.