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Through The Decades

CBS’ Through The Decades is an hour-long syndicated program, hosted by Bill Kurtis, which explores the events and news of a particular day in history. As part of the Decades team, I worked alongside the Senior Writer and Senior Director in putting together hundreds of segments, including this one about the 1986 Challenger Disaster.

TouchVision TV

At TouchVision TV, I produced and edited thousands of news pieces. The concept of the news show was to create “mini-movies.” Every story is compiled with video, photos, music and a voiceover in a style that can best be described as a documentary. 

This reel contains 4 stories:
00:00 - 50th Anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”
04:35 - The Future of Cable
06:54 - Hollywood Films of “True” Stories
09:14 - Egypt’s Retaliation on ISIS

A Moment with Jerry Springer

At TouchVision TV, I conceptualized the show’s celebrity interview segment entitled “A Moment With.” Working with the Senior Producer, I helped create the look and style of interviews such as this, which eventually became the standard for all interviews at TouchVision TV.


Sight stars Jim Farruggio. I wrote, produced, directed and edited this short film. 

Sight was a Jury Spotlight selection at the Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival in September, 2012.